Remove Contaminated Soil Safely

Remove Contaminated Soil Safely

Schedule hazmat remediation in Port Orchard, Tacoma & Seattle, WA

Whether it's from a surface spill or an underground storage tank breach, hazardous materials need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Minimize the risk to your home and family by hiring us for hazmat remediation services. Becker Excavation, Inc is a full-service excavation contractor in Port Orchard, Washington. We'll dig up the contaminated soil and remove it from your property. Once the job is done, we can fill in the hole and grade the surface.

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Remove underground tanks before they can cause problems

When older homes are updated to use natural gas for heating, their outdated oil tanks are often left in the ground. As they deteriorate, oil will leak out and contaminate the soil. Remove the tank while it's still intact so you won't have to deal with contaminated soil later. Becker Excavation provides underground storage tank removal services. We'll dig out your tank before it becomes a problem.

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